There are other better ways for companies to carry out their tests rather than animals, and when combining markets that demands for animal testing by law is solely dependent on their decision. Lots of companies who have made intentional decisions to stay out of the manufacturing of cruelty-free products to uphold their cruelty-free status.


Companies who still stand on testing on animals are making cruel choices which I’m not going to be a part of. Choosing cruelty-free products is one of the most significant ways of opposing animal testing.



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1. Animal testing is much crueler than your belief

It is much more than just piercing the animal with needles; animal testing is so uncouth, the animals are compelled to tolerate all the things that are being done to them. For instance inhaling toxic fumes, having holes being drilled into their skull, crushing or breaking of bones, shaving of furs and burning of their skins, they are being tortured sometimes, have their body or internal organs exposed, they are killed after the test most times.



2. There are other available cruelty-free products to choose

There are lots of companies who have been abiding by the decision they made, so over the years, there are indefinite great, autonomous companies that are producing goods that do not contain ingredients that are by-products of animals or companies that do not participate in animal testing. Lots of popular brands and companies have made a solemn promise not to try out their products on animals via news and videos on the internet, so you have nothing to lose if you change to products that are cruelty-free.



3. Animal testing is needless

The motive responsible for animal testing is to ascertain that discoveries, products, and ingredients are harmless and safe for the consumption of human. Long ago animal testing came into existence when drugs ingested started having a toxic effect on humans, so since then many tests and experiment have been carried out, and the result of each test are being recorded for future purposes so as not to repeat the experiment. Furthermore, there are lots of ingredients available that don’t require animal testing.



4. Dogs and cats are used most times

Cats and Dogs are the animals usually used for medical tests and experiments, statistics done sometime in 2013 shows that 67,772 dogs and 24,221 cats were used for animal testing experiments only in the United States of America. Amidst the breed of dogs used for animal testing, the rate at which Beagles are being used is very alarming due to their submissive nature. These animals are being bereaved of the regular treatment pets should have; instead, they are being treated like laboratory animals.



5. For a healthy and better-looking skin

We always need to remember that our skin is the largest organ and it also absorbs everything we put on it, so we need to take good care of our skin. Whenever you check out the ingredients on the label of a product, and you see an ingredient that can cause harm to your liver or spleen, think of the adverse effect it will have on your skin. Most of the cruelty-free products contain harmless and natural ingredients which won’t cause much harm to your skin compared to products that contain harmful chemicals and parabens.


6. Cruelty-free products allow you to have a clear conscience

Why not ponder on it, won’t your heart be at peace if you choose cruelty-free products? Choosing cruelty-free products allows you to get the advantages of the products you admire not having any remorseful feeling about knowing that you are supporting inhumane animal testing indirectly.



7. Be good and feel good

By now, you should know you can make great and good decisions on the choice of products to use and also to make an incredible impact on animals all over the world.


8. It makes our planet better

Choosing cruelty-free is a great way of thinking deeply about your purchases and have more of reduced approach, by purchasing only the products you need and purchasing less of the products you don’t need. By doing that we are also decreasing wastes by playing our little role of being aware and less wasteful of the resources we have.


9. Animal testing is Old fashioned

In this 21st century, all fields have already experienced technology advancement even researches have experienced the same progress, such technology progress being used by lots of companies to carry out tests and experiments on their product instead of animal testing.


10. You make a difference with your money

By patronizing companies who manufacture cruelty free products instead of the other companies who choose to be cruel to animals, you are sending a great message to the manufacturing industries via the only language they understand which is money, they will understand that they can’t continue to be in business if they choose to go on with animal testing. Do you know that if lots of consumers can blacklist animal testing companies and their products, we can indeed make a significant difference and affect more companies to go cruelty-free?



11. A home with cruelty-free products is environmentally friend

Cleaning materials are also not left out, they also undergo animal testing, but you got nothing to worry about because there are lots of cleaning products from multipurpose detergents, to laundry detergents and liquid wash that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly than just anyhow products. They contain less harmless or toxic ingredients; hence they are healthy.


12. When you have good knowledge, you do great things

Most beauty industries love to disclose the other side of things that go in their companies and pretend that nothing about animal testing is going on in their company, or that it’s not as worse as you think. But being informed helps you choose better cruelty-free products.


13. Animal testing is usually flaky

They are unreliable, you know for sure that there are lots of significant differences between animals and human beings make them non-identical, human beings can’t react to things the way animals would respond to. According to the research produced by Cruelty-Free international 95% of drugs failed in human trials regardless of the encouraging results gotten from animal testing.

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