Okay, first things first. Define. Define. Define.

Ah, what? We know. So let’s put it this way.

We’ve all been there. The most precious moment: sitting there with our freshly arrived purchased product in the box. The perfectly wrapped box like it’s a gift you’ve been waiting for your palms to touch. Ah, those glitters and hearts in our eyes!
Unboxing. Carefully. Of course, it’s new. It’s fressshh. But is it really?

Designed by Asierromero / Freepik

This is how it works:
Usually, the typical skincare products expire minimum 3 years and can go up to 5!!! Then, it takes around 6 months to land on the shelves of the store. So if you’re lucky enough, you get your product before its 1 year birthday. In all other cases, it’s probably will be around 2 years old when it reaches your home. And by the time you open it, you will only have remaining months left to use it as “fresh” as it should be.

What about active ingredients?
Are they really still active or it’s time to toss it? Sorry, but after such a long journey none of the ingredients are really active, it’s a long time to be in a closed jar with preservatives, so I would not use the word ACTIVE anymore to describe them. While it temporarily preserves your product, that still means that it’s no longer at all fresh because it’s made of chemicals and other not-so-healthy ingredients for your skin.

And even with the help of preservatives, the span time of the beneficial properties you get from the ingredients and vitamins of the skincare weakened in just a matter of months. So the effectiveness of your product could start decreasing greatly from its intended result.

That’s why it’s good to consider to buy products manufactured in small batches and without chemical additives with the life shelf – no longer than 12 months from the manufacture date. And if you have a chance to PRE-ORDER that even better, cause in this case, you gonna get the freshest product for your skin!

And we can all agree that the fresher our food, the more yummy and healthy it is. And in that same manner, having your skincare fresh means having the best skincare with all its glorious healthy prowess and graceful efficacy.