Getting FRESH with your skincare has so many incredible benefits for you, your skin and your healthy lifestyle. Let’s see them together so you will get started knowing exactly how amazing you are going to feel!



So the first benefit is the obvious one  – FRESH natural skincare will not contain chemicals preservatives, stabilizers, and other carcinogenic ingredients.  If those are not good for the health of your skin, why do they exist in most skincare products? The answer is simple – shelf life. Most of the skincare products’ shelf-life is around 2-3 years, and the price for this – harsh chemical preservatives that prevent products from contamination but also absorb through your skin into your bloodstream.

Sounds pretty scary. But today there are plenty of alternatives available, so it’s mainly a matter of choice. So let’s choose wisely, let’s think about the health of our skin for the long run instead of the short-term effects manipulated by marketing brainwash.

(There is nothing wrong about being persuaded, we just need to make sure it benefits us and our health and inspiring for the world’s well being.)

So next time you shop for your skincare treats, take a look at the ingredients and simply Google those you are not familiar with or looks suspicious because of the long complicated name. Then make an educated choice, it’s always better.




Moving to the second benefit, which is super interesting. Have you ever wondered how effective are the ingredients the product has been marketed for, after 1 year from the manufacturing day?

Here is the answer – according to the research, most of the ingredients are losing its power already after a couple of months from the manufacturing day.  Meaning, after 1-3 years on the shelves, they are complete lack of the strength.

It’s basically like drinking a cup coffee you have forgotten on the table a day before. No longer FRESH, lack of taste and not helping at all to wake up.

Bottom line, for the skincare to be effective and healthy, the ingredients should be FRESH and active.




I don’t know about you, but most of my friends, including me myself, have some kind of skin sensitivity. Sometimes, it’s that burning sensation near the eyes, sometimes it’s breakouts, sometimes it’s redness or dryness.

So let me tell you this –  most of those are simply a reaction of your body to some kind of chemicals irritants and it will go away once you eliminate that irritant from your daily skincare routine.  It’s completely true for most of the people I know and if you have any kind of sensitivity, give it a shot!




This benefit for me was a great discovery. After spending many years of changing products every 6-12 months, I discovered the real reason why I’m doing it. And it’s not because I’m getting bored, but because I start feeling that the product stop working for my skin or making it even worse.

Let me give you an example – I bought a moisturizer, and it’s working great! my skin appeared more hydrated and clear. But after 4-6 month of using the same one, my skin started getting oilier than before. (and of course, I didn’t like it, cause the excessive oil might bring breakouts and a whole bunch of new conditions). So, I  bought a new moisturizer from a different brand. Sounds pretty simple, but a constant search after an ideal product can be tiring and not so cost effective.

The truth is, when you use a skincare product with some chemical for the first time, you will get a good result. But after a while, your skin will develop resistance for those substances and the product will stop working. And you’re up to a new product discovery journey.

The story is completely different when you use clean plant-based skincare.  You can easily find yourself using the same moisturizer over a year or two. Your skin likes it and does not feel necessary to develop any adverse reaction.




The last benefit is totally psychological. It just feels great knowing that you do something good for your skin— for yourself.

their daily routine. So imagine how much amount of unhealthy stuff your skin will absorb if you apply an average of 2 products every morning and night, let’s say for the next 10 years?

In the world of today, we are strongly heading into one very clear direction – beauty should not compromise on our wellbeing. Yes, you can be beautiful, healthy, happy and many another thing, all at the same time if you wish.

For this, we have to redefine for ourselves what beauty really means and find a healthy balance between following beauty industry standards and acceptance of ourselves as we are.


At metapora, we are strong believers that skincare should make you feel good on the inside as well as on the outside 🙂 Being happy in your own skin is the best gift you can grant to yourself.

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