Preservatives have been around for a very long time – a substance that helps preserve products. But nowadays, having to hear the word has a connotation of being “harmful”  but is it really that terrible? There are many chemical preservatives that extend your product’s shelf life and keep it clean and uncontaminated with bacteria.


Sounds good? Yet FEELS not so.

Because believe me these preservatives are really harsh to your skin with all the heavy scents and chemicals in them.


Bad Rap

Preservatives have been getting a lot of bad rap lately. Everyone knows that skin and beauty companies have been using parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate to help prolong the shelf life of products while helping deteriorate from being stale. But recently, these synthetics have been linked to causing skin irritations, rashes, different major health problems, and illness.

So a lot of companies are already trying to avoid those chemicals but more and more found another chemical substitute like Phenoxyethanol – a lower concentration synthetic used as a disinfectant but just like the others, the one main concern is that it’s proven toxic causing skin allergies and irritation.


The “NOs”

It’s so necessary to make your skin breathe and not get it overloaded from unnatural products. The products we use can penetrate into our skin THEN our skin absorbs a great amount of everything from that and shows up to our bloodstream (if small enough to be absorbed).

To add more, using skincare is a thing we do daily so just imagine feeding your skin even just a small amount of chemical every day as a routine starting from you being 18 years old up to present. Assuming you’re now 60. So, 365 days X 42 years = 15,330 days of having toxic preservatives.

Meaning: after a long period of time, you are letting your skin sit there waiting for basic allergies, toxic absorptions, and hormonal disruptions from happening.

But don’t lose hope now. There are many alternatives that are 100% natural and organic out there already that make many people’s skin happy!


So How?

You can choose products with natural additives as an alternative like glycerin, natural alcohol, honey, essential oils, and organic acids to name a few! But yes, the product’s shelf life will be shorter but you won’t be using your moisturizer for 3 years anyway.

Plus, natural skincare products got an A+ with packaging. You will find out that the materials and bottles used are eco-friendly, easily recyclable and some are even plantable (fiber-based) and it definitely helps to make the product non-allergenic and mild to your skin.


So avoiding these harsh preservatives and turning to plant-based products is really you choosing self-love. Because choosing what’s best for YOU and putting it on top of your priority list? That’s you loving yourself.

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