The sun gives us energy! He is loved by all, is a rich and natural source of vitamin D, is synonymous with starting the day on the right foot and everyone makes us happy to receive these good energies every day. But as everything in excess is harmful to our health, the sun does not escape this fact.


We have to know that the skin is the largest organ that we have, it is our protector of external agents and that is why we must take care of it every day, how? With the daily use of sunscreen.

UV rays and prolonged exposure and without protection to them, produce various skin diseases (burns, dark spots, premature aging, skin cancer, among others) for this I will dedicate in this post to explain how to expose and enjoy of vitamin D and the beauty of a sunny day without suffering sun damage.




  • Improves the appearance of the skin, it will look clearer, with a special and healthy shine

The essential skin proteins such as collagen, keratin, and elastin are protected by sun protection. These proteins are needed to keep the skin smooth, healthy and with a youthful appearance.

Make sure your sunscreen has titanium oxide in it to provide these benefits to the skin.


  • Prevents premature signs of aging (wrinkles, sunspots)

We all dream of having a younger, radiant and healthy skin. And, this is one of the best reasons to start using sunscreen.

From the youth we should all have this great habit and eager to start taking care of ourselves and do our facial care at an early age and not (as in many cases) start at 30 when it is a bit more difficult and takes a lot of money to repair the damage caused by not paying attention to our face.

Protecting the skin with skincare products helps us to avoid developing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines of expression.


  • Prevents sunburns on face and body

Sunburn weakens the skin, subjecting it to bruises, damage and exposure to any type of infection. Similarly, the skin is a noble organ that after a process of approximately 7 to 14 days that includes peeling and healing returns to its normal state.

But, you should not expose it to repeated attacks of desquamation, swelling, redness, and sunburn, we have already mentioned a little the consequences that this can cause in the long term.

And, this is the influence of UVB rays. Bubbles can escalate the risk of skin cancer.


  • Reduces risk and prevents skin cancer

This must be a basic rule friend!

Beyond the aesthetic part, this is the most important thing and it is what we do not want any of us to get!

Cancer is a disease and is a reality, no matter how tired or forgetful you are, place an alarm on your cell phone or in your daily agenda that reminds you to apply your sunscreen every 4 hours.

Remember that everything is in stages, first the burns, then the aging of the skin and finally the skin cancer.

So take care of your beautiful skin and your beautiful face and body! Today is the day to start changing your habits and skincare routines.




  1. Sunscreens are designed and classified according to the type of skin of the person, normal, dry, oily or mixed, everyone has a sunscreen created for their needs.
  2. Do not buy solar protectors with less than SPF 30
  3. For oily and mixed skin the ideal sunscreen comes in gel presentation
  4. For dry skin, the sunscreen should be in a cream presentation
  5. After your facial care routine in the morning, remember to apply your sunscreen 30 to 45 minutes before sun exposure, always! This way the product will be absorbed in the right way and your skin will be completely protected
  6. As tedious as it sounds for some, the sunscreen should be applied every 4 hours, remember that we sweat, perspire and sometimes this is usually imperceptible. Therefore, the sunscreen loses its effect, do this process and see how your skin will always be healthy and protected.
  7. You should not only apply sunscreen on your face, also on the neck, neckline and arms, and if you go to the beach all over your body! Remember that the premature signs of aging are not only seen on the face but also on other parts of the body due to prolonged exposure to the sun.
  8. If you go to the beach the same tip that I mentioned to apply the sunscreen every 4 hours you should follow it.


Remember that at this moment the water removes the sunscreen, we sweat and more aggressively the sun acts on our skin.




There are some factors that you should keep in mind when choosing sunscreen and using it daily.


Always read the ingredient list and make sure your sunscreen contains the following:

– Titanium dioxide

– Octyl methoxycinnimate (OMC)

– Avobenzone (also parsol)

– Zinc oxide


  1. Always opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen or gel cream that is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. These sunscreens protect you from ultraviolet rays, both A and B, keeping you from rashes, clogged pores, acne, and sunburn.
  2. Always choose a waterproof sunscreen
  3. Always apply sunscreen 30 to 45 minutes before they come in contact with the sun.


Sunscreens act as a shield against the harmful UV rays that penetrate each time the skin is exposed to the sun. You may not notice the benefits of using sunscreen now, but the advantage of using sunscreen is felt in the long term, your skin will feel and wax differently over the years.There is not a specific time to start using sunscreen. It’s always better late than never. Enjoy the sun 365 days with a generous amount of sunscreen!

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