Hey, good lookin’! Yes, our Superfood Oil Serum is now available for pre-order. And guess what? Orders are valid worldwide! Our other hot items and collections might be available soon, too. 


But Why Pre-Order?

You’ve heard about pre-ordering before but it’s not just to save you a cost. Here, you will find out what you can take advantage from us once you place your orders in advance.


  • 1+1 on all made-to-order products so you can give the perfect gift
  • You will get a Metapora e-book to keep you busy whilst your skincare is on its way!
  • Your pre-order item(s) will always be a new arrival fresh from our main storage in Singapore.
  • You will get your purchased item(s) fresh: Because we’re natural and organic and we don’t use any preservatives, the shelf-life of our products are shorter which means we have limited stock and only put a limited batch available to be purchased online for the optimum quality and safety.
  • Secure your freshly purchased item(s): You’ll have a hundred percent guarantee that your product(s) will be secured even if it’s already out of stock on our website!


Is The Product-Pre-Ordered Refundable?

The purchased item(s) that you placed as a pre-order can’t be canceled before the items are sent. But we will gladly accept returns or an exchange within a limited time of 7 days after the item(s) arrived with a condition.

Check our Orders and Returns Policy if it fits your situation.


How About If It’s Damaged:

If the product that we sent is damaged, sorry we messed up! We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Read more about our Orders and Returns Policy to know more.


Shipping Instructions:

We are shipping worldwide!

You can get your purchased item(s) depending on the destination but you can receive it more or less in 7 working days.

With the import duties and taxes in other countries, we don’t have control over it so please check before ordering.

Get more information you might need from our Delivery and Shipping Policy.


How to Pre-Order?

Just go here and get fresh with your skincare!

At metapora, we are strong believers that skincare should make you feel good on the inside as well as on the outside Being happy in your own skin is the best gift you can grant to yourself.

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